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How to book a taxi in Farnborough

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Our user-friendly, hassle-free guide to booking a taxi using our 'Dispatch' system



Firstly, choose whether your journey is a 'one-way' trip or an 'airport transfer'.

Then proceed to enter the following details:

  • Pick-up address

  • Destination address

  • Select your pick-up date - you can choose your allocated time slot when selecting the date

  • If you require a return journey, you can tick the 'return journey' box and enter your date and time details


ENTERING YOUR REQUIRED CAR DETAILS Payment type - Choose from cash, debit card, credit card or account Request type - Select 'Booking' or 'Quotation' Type of vehicle - Select a vehicle e.g. Standard, E-class, S-class or a van etc.

Our vehicles consist of the following:

  • Standard - Max 4 passengers, 2 check-in luggage, and 2 hand luggage

  • Saloon - Max 4 passengers, 2 check-in luggage, and 2 hand luggage

  • Executive - Max 4 passengers, 2 check-in luggage, and 2 hand luggage

  • 6-seater VW Black Van - Max 6 passengers, 6 check-in luggage, and 4 hand luggage

  • 8 seater Black Van - Max 8 passengers, 8 check-in luggage, and 6 hand luggage



When entering your telephone/mobile number, please include your country code - e.g. +1 for clients in the US and Canada

Please then proceed in entering the following details: • The main passenger's name - First name, and Surname

• Telephone (Landline)

• Mobile number • Email • Number of passengers • Number of required child seats • Number of check-in luggage • Number of hand luggage

If you are booking for someone else, please tick the designated box.

You will then be asked to fill in additional information regarding the booker's name, mobile number, and email.

Under the 'Additional Booking Info' section, you can add what type of child seats you prefer, e.g. Infant or Toddler seats.


CONFIRMATION OF TAXI BOOKING A summary of your booking/quotation will be displayed for you to review and confirm if you want to proceed with the journey.

Click 'Submit Booking' to send through your taxi service booking request.

Please wait for our confirmation via e-mail.

We hope you found our guide useful, if you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team via e-mail at

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