After You Book Your Airport Taxi Service

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

After you book with us, please check the following:

  • Ensure that you received the calendar invitation, one calendar booking for every trip, expect for two calendar invites if you have a return trip, NO CALENDAR INVITE, NO BOOKING

  • Check if all the information in the calendar invite(s) are correct, please call our attention if you need to update the informations like a change of pick-up time

Calendar that contains the details of the passengers' journey. Logo of Dinez Taxis and Airport Transfers
Taxi booking calendar sent by Dinez Taxis and Airport Transfers to their passengers

What happens after I booked my taxi?

After you book your airport taxi request, we will send a calendar invite for each trip, please review the information, you don't have to do anything if all the information is correct. However, it is always better to acknowledge that you received the booking details and all the flight, journey details are correct.

Different taxi companies have their own taxi dispatch software or taxi management procedures, A Line Taxis and Rushmoor Taxis probably uses Autocab or iCabbie, we are using a very simple platform from Dever Software that you could download in Apple Store or Google Play, the taxi dispatch system is called 'Dispatch'. (With a tyre icon).

Taxi Booking Automated Reminders

It is so easy to lose track of a taxi booking with a lot of informations through calls, emails and text messages asking for quotes or requesting a booking. We have a solid, in-placed system that plays a very important role in ensuring that our service quality will not fail, we call it as 'basic checks' or 'filters'. It works on our local taxi, chauffeur services, airport transfers and in every ground transportation services we provide.

We are not 100% perfect yet, to date, we are very proud that mishaps are very very rare hence our taxi review ratings are very high and that we are the ONLY taxi company in the Borough of Rushmoor that has been awarded a Travelers' Choice Award from the travel authority Tripadvisor. Rest assured that you are in a very good hands!


Communications plays a very important role in our taxi service delivery, we need to cross-check and double-check if the travel details were received, sent, communicated or entered in our booking system. Our chauffeurs (or taxi drivers) understand the importance of communicating to our passengers, whether they are arriving or departing, it also saves any potential hassles that may arise. In many instances, it saved us a lot of potential failures. We take extra efforts in ensuring that our passengers are well-informed in advance whenever possible.

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