Taxi Driving Recruitment

WANTED Hackney Taxi drivers, Private Car Hire, Chauffeurs ,Taxi Operators.


Dinez Taxis and Airport Transfers  (Formerly known as Dinez Private Car Hire) always welcome NOT JUST Rushmoor licensed taxi drivers, taxi owners, and other taxi operators with similar taxi or chauffeuring work ethics.  We are not just interested in the type of taxi car you drive,  we are more interested in a good attitude and excellent customer service skills in the taxi industry.   For taxi work opportunities, please send your interest to become a taxi driver.


  • A fully licensed, insured hackney taxi driver licensed by Rushmoor Borough Council

  • A fully licensed taxi operator in Rushmoor Borough Council

  • A fully licensed hackney taxi driver in ANY Borough

  • A fully licensed taxi operator in ANY Borough

  • A private car hire driver WITH a Rushmoor Borough License

  • A private car hire driver with a licensed taxi operator ANYWHERE IN England


Looking for taxi driving jobs? chauffeuring jobs? cabbie jobs? This is now a great opportunity to become a private car hire taxi driver. There are many big taxi companies like Hart Cars, Rushmoor Taxis, Your Local Car, Addison Lee, and many more.

We are looking for taxi drivers who have the real passion to deliver transport services according to their skills, work ethics, and values.  We regularly have work quality reviews based on the feedback of our clients.

If you do not have a taxi license, Dinez Taxis and Airport Transers could assist you in your taxi application, please e-mail us.  We are committed to making every team members grow.  

Standard taxi documentations are essential as outlined in the taxi legal requirements of a private car hire operator.   We aim to treat our taxi drivers equally, fairly, with dignity and respect by assigning 'acceptable and reasonable' job orders,  by allowing them to be happy in the jobs they're doing and by getting just reasonable taxi commissions,  we are always open in suggestions on how taxi drivers will be rewarded and compensated, we value your contribution and we want to work with anybody who shares similar work ethics.  Let us grow in the taxi industry together.


Dinez Taxis and Airport Transfers competes with quality. The ONLY company in the area with Travelers’ Choice Award



Dinez Taxis and Airport Transfers are looking for hackney drivers, private car hire operators who wanted to have an extra earnings, they are interested to work with like-minded, highly motivated with a sense of responsibility and are punctual.  We could channel our marketing in your area so you don't have to travel with a lot of dead miles!