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Terms and Conditions for Outbound and Inbound Taxi Service

Local Taxi Service

For local runs, if the pick-up time will be change, you will be served however, it will be on the next available slot. We normally allow change of pick-up timings, however, once the driver left the base which is about 15 minutes for local area, 30 minutes for a pick-up to the next town, 45 minutes or one hour for long distant runs, we normally check the traffic and based our decision on the current traffic conditions.  In case there is another extension after the initial change of pick-up time, we have the right to cancel the taxi booking and refund the 50% of the taxi fare IF the passenger agrees, we do not leave our passengers stranded and potentially, if the pick-up timings are keep on changing, our service will be delayed as any change in pick-up time would create a domino effect in our logistics.


Airport Taxi Service Change of Pick-Up Time

We highly recommend to nominate a pick-up time, if you want to change your pick-up time, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team.





Local taxi service
We allow free five (5) minutes free waiting time for local taxi trips, in excess of free waiting is chargeable at £7.00 per 15 minutes pro rata

Airport Transfer Service
We allow free 45 minutes waiting time after the plane had landed, in excess is £7.00 for saloon cars, £9.00 for MPV van and £12.00 for executive S Class or other luxury cars.

We highly recommend to nominate a pick-up time so that you could save money in parking and waiting.




We only charge parking fees at cost only. Please refer to the car parking tariffs of Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, London City, Stansted airports.  There is no parking fee at Farnborough Airport.

We monitor your flight and provide a free meet and greet service at the arrivals. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOMINATING A PICK-UP TIME.


There are scenarios in the logistic world that any taxi service provider will be in a position of organizing a different vehicle and driver due to whatever reasons - just to ensure that there is no disruption in service delivery, we maybe using third-party licensed transfer providers, the car type may change but the most important is the continuity of the transfer service.



We request advance payment  for taxis and any ground transportation services including chauffeur and airport taxis, late night bookings start from 2300 hours.  We will only be able to dispatch a taxi driver or chauffeur after payment had been processed. 

We normally request for advance payment via a secured payment link or bank transfer, payment for return trips can also be requested on the initial outbound trip drop-off, non-payment for the return trip will result to non-allocation of the driver, securing your taxi driver and car on a late night is our interest, however, we also need to secure the earnings of the driver.

Fouling inside the car
This can be avoided easily by being a responsible passenger. The legal fouling fee is £100.00 as per the existing law.  We reserved the right to refuse a passenger due to reasons related to a potential consumption of alcohol or illegal substances.

Refusal of taxi carriage
We have the right to refuse a passenger due to behaviour, actions and any potential threat or the safety of the passenger and driver will be involved.



Our clients preferred to be notified and updated in good timings, if you think that our communications are too much for your Inbox, please notify our Customer Support Team.

We used state of the art communications that sends driver status updates when they are en-route, on-site, when the passenger is on-board and when cleared with the job.  We appreciate when the passenger gets in touch with the designated driver, our success in our meet and greet service also heavily relies in the participation of our clients.

A polite reminder to charge your mobile phone and that we could access you via mobile or e-mail.  Any changes on your trip or delays, please contact us the soonest.



As we are committed, exerting efforts and outlaying resources like man-hours, driver blocking the slot and losing the opportunity to earn, back office administration and card machine processing fees, we felt that it is reasonable to apply cancellation administration and fee for whatever reasons as follows: (There is an admin fee of £10.00)


  • Cancelled One week before the trip - 80% will be refunded

  • Cancelled Two days before the trip 50% will be refunded

  • Cancelled One day before - 20% will be refunded

  • Cancelled 12 hours before the journey (regardless of when the booking was made) - No refund


We maintained our vehicles to the standards set by any regulatory board, we will not be responsible for any delay on service due to mechanical reasons.  We will however make all efforts to find a similar vehicle (whenever possible) that will fit all the passengers and luggage.

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