Terms & Conditions

Taxi Booking

Please provide the complete informations of your requested journey (Name, Contact Details, Full addresses, Number of Passengers and luggages, Extra Pick-up/Drop-off)

No calendar invites, NO taxi booking. If you did not received a confirmation via calendar, there was no booking created. Please call our attention. We only send a text confirmation for local taxi trips< >To enable us to meet your requirements, we require at least 24 hours notice, all other requests please contact us. Please provide all relevant information, you may send an enquiry via e-mail.  We will confirm your booking and send further information whenever appropriate. Dinez Private Car Hire will try to help wherever we canFor any additional booking, please contact us by way of sending an e-mail or  text message, we will always confirm any booking to avoid confusion. Legally, all bookings must go through to us so that the journey is insured and legal.In some circumstances, we may replace the type of vehicle or the driver you requested, replacement vehicle will be able to accommodate all passengers and luggage(s).
LUGGAGE and PASSENGERS- please provide the exact number of passenger(s) to allocate an appropriate type of vehicle, undeclared passengers  (more than four people) will attract standard business charges and  excessive luggage may cause a refusal of carriage due to safety reasons and in some circumstances a reason for a slightly delayed journey. 


Upfront payment/Deposits during un-social hours

It's our policy to secure upfront payment during un-social hours, it could be either the full amount or more than 50% of the total fare either in the form of cash when our driver meet the client or by processing payment through our card machine.


It is reasonable that Dinez Taxi & Private Car Hire cannot accept liabilities for any delays caused by re-routed journeys beyond our control, i.e. those caused by accidents, diversions, weather or mechanical failure, we always suggest to our clients to give ample time allowance when traveling in order to enjoy their journey.


Waiting Time

Airport pick up – free for the first 45 minutes after the plane landed, five (5) pounds for every 15 minutesLocal runs – free for the first five (5) minutes, five (5) pounds for every 15 minutes (when not using the meter)

Tours – waiting is included in the agreed priceErrands service – first ten (10) minutes is free, five (5) pounds for every 15 minutesThe Company accepts no responsibilities for any loss or damage to any property (ies) or luggage(s) carried in the car however such loss or damage is caused.  As an assurance,  we treat our client’s properties as ours, you could rely on us protecting your properties in the safest possible we could.Any damage caused to the interior/exterior of any of our vehicles by the passenger(s) will be charged reasonably.Our drivers are very helpful and are able to assist all the time in carrying/transferring your luggageIt is the sole responsibility of the passenger(s) to check that all luggage were loaded and un-loaded, in case you left anything inside the car, please inform us straight-away, our drivers are legally obliged to check passenger's belongings every time a client get off the car. Our drivers will inform the office any lost and found items,  we may instruct our driver to surrender any item(s) in the nearest police station or any place within the travel path as requested by our clients. Please contact us immediately.We always exercise tolerance and patience, however, in certain circumstances, we reserve the right to refuse any booked passenger(s) for the reason of excessive and undeclared luggage, we aim to communicate properly to our clients so as to avoid such situation.  Our client(s) will understand that their safety is our priority, please declare the number of luggage so as to avoid inconvenience or delaysThe Company reserves the right to decline any bookings and to request any passenger(s) to leave the vehicle if it is deemed his/her conduct is incompatible with the safety of our driver.In case there are reasons that you need to report an issue or concern, it is essential that you inform the driver at the first instance, the  Managing Director  could be contacted anytime at +(44) 0759 54 516 96.   If you wish to make a formal complaint, please notify our office in writing not later than five (5) working days.  The Managing Director  will investigate the matter and we aim to come up with a fair, honest and swift resolution based on the available informations.

Smoking in the car is not permitted and it is against the law in the UK, to accommodate you, please request the driver to stop in a safe and appropriate place to light a cigarette, we could only allow maximum of five (5) minutes for this purpose, this is discretionary and subject to the driver’s schedule  It will be in the discretion of the driver where to pull over but it must be in a safe place, the client is expected to get out of the car to light a cigarette.Alcohol consumption is not permitted inside any of our vehicles at any time under any circumstances.FOULING - Should the vehicle require valeting due to negligence or alcohol illness of any passenger(s) a charge of Â£100 will be incurred, thank you for your understanding that we need to charge as such to compensate for the subsequent loss of earnings/cost of cleaning and loss of service resulting to loss of financial income in our driver(s), we are allowed to charge our clients legallyOur aim is to provide you with a hassle free service and in doing so, we will be contacting you in either your mobile phone, send you a text message or an e-mail.   We will communicate to confirm your booking, inform you of any update regarding our drivers and any other service related reasons and if you opted for marketing discounts.   Whenever possible and appropriate,  our clients may also send us e-mails or text message when they landed or any waiting related issues.  By giving us your contact information, you allowed us to contact you for the above purpose.

  1. Without prior notice, Dinez Taxi & Private Car Hire reserves the right to amend, change, delete or add to these terms and conditions whenever it deems necessary.  We will however try our best to inform our clients for any updates on the terms and conditions