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Taxi Meet and Greet

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Passenger and Taxi Chauffeur


  • Our taxi chauffeur will show you their taxi driver badge

  • Our clients may request for the photo of the chauffeur/taxi driver assigned to them, we provide assurance

  • A greeting board is availabe with our company logo



  • Please turn on your mobile phone once landed, your chauffeur will establish communication

    • your chauffer may either send you a text message or call you, alternatively, you may contact us if you wish

    • our office may contact you by way of e-mail, text message or a phone call

    • Emergency telephone number is :  +44 0759 54 516 96 (mobile)


In the event that you do not have mobile telephone access and you cannot contact your taxi driver:

  • You may use a public phone in the arrival area

  • You may send an e-mail (24 hours) to stating your location and leave any message

  • Be in the meeting point, your taxi driver will make his way to the meeting point 25-30 minutes after you landed


Welcome to England!

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